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General conditions of sale and reservation

Article 1- General:


Any purchase, order, reservation of one or more workshops, gift vouchers and services made with ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque implies on the part of the customer the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

The customer declares to have the legal capacity to order the services of ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque.

All orders are processed within 48 hours maximum following an online purchase, by phone or upon receipt of a transfer. In case of delivery of an order, it is carried out by the regular services of the Post.

Article 2- Subject:


ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque aims to offer workshops in the field of discovery and knowledge of wines and the senses for individuals and companies.

The various services and products offered, in particular content, location, dates, times, prices and other details are detailed on the ATELIER Oeno'ludique website © Constance Helbecque:

Prices are subject to change during the year and adapt to special customer requests.


Article 3- Price:


The prices of the workshops delivered by ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque are indicated either on the site or by estimate and payable in Swiss francs. They are subject to change. Any reservation as a gift voucher requires an additional management and shipping costs of 2.-. Any payment for tailor-made activities by credit card is possible and involves an additional cost of 2.5% of the price including tax.

Article 4- Gift voucher:


ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque offers gift vouchers for different types of workshops.

The gift voucher allows the Customer to participate, depending on the type of gift voucher, in a particular workshop. It is interchangeable with another workshop, its value is deductible from a tailor-made service. However, the voucher is not refundable.

The gift voucher is not nominative. It can be purchased by one person (“the purchaser”) and used by a third party (“the beneficiary”).

The beneficiary of a gift voucher has a period of 2 years from the date of purchase to reserve his workshop. The expiration date is mentioned on the gift voucher. The deadline is automatically extended if the Canton or the Federal Council were to order the closure for a fixed or indefinite period to fight against covid-19.

Article 5- Modification of your reservation:


We offer you the possibility of modifying your reservation once under the following conditions:

The modification request must be made at least 3 days before the date of your Workshop.

Any modification after this period and until the date of your workshop is possible at the price of 20fr per person. Except in the case of quarantine ordered by the cantonal doctor to fight against covid-19 or for any symptoms contracted the same day.

After the date of your workshop, no modification will be possible.

The modification request must be sent by e-mail to (please specify the date, the name of the Workshop and the new reservation required)

Your modification request will be processed as soon as possible upon receipt, it will be considered firm and final.

Article 6- Participation in Workshops:


ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque offers Workshops with various partners (mentioned in the "partners" tab of the site or at your place.

ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque reserves the right to modify these places by first informing the client of the new place chosen.

For public health reasons, access to the ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque is reserved for adults (except for the Atelier for young and old). The lessons take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our animal friends cannot accompany you (except special request).

Article 7- Refund:


Any order from ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque is considered firm and final.

In the event of the purchase of one or more gift vouchers through our website, by correspondence and by telephone, the customer who placed the order has a period of 7 working days for withdrawal. The shipping and return costs will then be at his expense. After this time no refund can be made.

Refunds will be made within 7 working days after receipt of the refund request made to ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque. The refund will be made by bank transfer to the name of the customer who placed the order and sent to the billing address for the order.

Article 8- Personal data and cookies


ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque undertakes to respect the provisions of the federal law on data protection. All personal data transmitted by the customer is treated confidentially and will under no circumstances be transferred to third parties. The customer has the possibility to modify his personal data at any time or to request their deletion by email or by courier.


Article 9- Copyright and reproduction rights


The logo, text and images on this site belong to us. A full or partial reproduction of elements of this site must be subject to our authorization.

In accordance with article 231.1 of the Swiss Civil Code, any partial or total use of photographic and graphic material on this site gives rise to the payment of reproduction rights.

ATELIER Oeno'ludique © is a registered trademark in Switzerland.


Article 10- Impressum


ATELIER Oeno'ludique © Constance Helbecque is an individual company registered in the Swiss trade register of Moudon on November 17, 2014.

Address: Rue Davel 3, 1097 Riex

IDE: CHE-475.979.836


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