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A professional, high quality 100% Swiss wines, traveling workshops

Discover our innovative concept

I welcome you to the world of wine and tasting.

Winegrower in Lavaux at Domaine Jean Duboux and trained oenologist, I have been organizing events around wine and senses since 2014.

animation vendanges syrah dézaley 2021

My vision:
Make wine accessible to everyone

Whether you are an amateur, a novice or simply curious, the workshops are suitable for all levels.

Demystify wine, learn to talk about it and appreciate it without writing great poems.

Fair and affordable prices because accessibility also goes through this.

My mission: to put the senses back at the heart of wine tasting

To make you more comfortable with your senses so that you can use them more simply when tasting.

découvrir le vin
Jeu autour des sens vin

My methods: play and conviviality

  • Interactive quiz:to learn more about wine

  • Game of flavors:to identify the effects of each taste in the mouth

  • Smell game:to learn how to put words to your feelings

  • Black glass game:because without sight, our senses are disturbed

My values: local, artisanal and seasonal

Great care is taken in selecting our products and our partners.

100% of the wines are Swiss, from independent winegrowers with a strong environmental approach.

For the organization of meals / cocktails, we favor seasonal products from our local partners.

Vins et fromages lavaux vue dégustation
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